The Franchising concept has established itself worldwide in facilitating the introduction into local markets of international concepts and systems. This allows aspiring business opportunists to own and grow a business based on a tested and proven formula.

Momentoes is proud to offer franchisees to the international market in the business of three dimensional hand and feet castings.

We are creative and proactive in maintaining our place as one of the leaders in three dimensional castings. We are able to do this by providing a service to customize jobs to meet clients specific needs irrespective of age, layout, frame style etc.

When calculating the purchase price of a Momentoes Franchise a number of factors are taken into consideration. These include area makeup and size, population, birth-rate etc. Once these factors have been established for your area of interest a purchase price is obtained and, as a perspective franchisee, you are notified of this figure early on in the enquiry process.

Franchising requirements differ worldwide, but all do include specific steps that must be undertaken before a purchase can be made. These may include confidentiality agreements, questionnaires, and specific disclosure documentation as may be required by Federal, and State or International law.

Momentoes currently operates franchises in America, Australia and New Zealand.

If you would like to make an enquiry about franchise opportunities with Momentoes please contact:


Momentoes Head Office/Franchise Enquires:

Renee Patterson

P: 03 755 7322

M: 0275 466 338